Meet the Edmunds GovTech Team

At Edmunds GovTech, our goal is to serve our customers with the utmost care and service.  More than 70% of our employees are dedicated to customer support and product development. Our team consists of Certified Tax Collectors, Finance Officers, Project Managers, and more.  All services including product development, installation, training, and support are exclusively provided by in-house Edmunds GovTech team.


Meet our leadership team!

Bob Edmunds
Owner & Executive Chairman
Bob Edmunds | Owner & Executive Chairman

Bob started at Edmunds in 1982 as an Associate Programmer. He made significant contributions to the company, and in 1991 was appointed President. His father, Robert R. Edmunds retired a few years later, at which point Bob was then appointed CEO. With his clear vision and team-based collaborative approach, Bob has seen the company evolve to become the East Coast leader in software solutions for local government. He now presides as Executive Chairman, while also advocating for many philanthropic endeavors including: Edmunds’ Family Charitable Trust, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, South Jersey Select AAU Basketball, and more.

Rich Evoy
Rich Evoy | President

Rich first joined Edmunds as a Regional Marketing Representative in 1992. Fast forward to 2019, he now oversees the company’s business goals, operational efficiencies, and resource allocation as the organization’s President.

Vito Paladino
Vice President of Product Development
Vito Paladino | Vice President of Product Development

As Vice President of Product Development at Edmunds, Vito oversees the advancement of the MCSJ product. He and his development team are responsible for the continuous development and improvement of our proprietary software applications.

Jessica Jensen, MBA
Creative Marketing Director
Jessica Jensen, MBA | Creative Marketing Director

Jessica started at Edmunds GovTech in 2009, and she has held various roles under the Marketing, Sales, and the Solutions Consulting Departments. In her current role, she educates customers and prospects about new products and services that can help streamline their processes to help them bring new software on board.

Chris Easterwood, PMP
Director of Professional Services
Chris Easterwood, PMP | Director of Professional Services

Chris joined Edmunds in 2010 as a Software Support Specialist with a degree and background in Accounting. Through the years he has led over 200 implementations, and has also managed our Client Services Team. Chris received his certificate as a Project Management Professional in 2015, and is currently leading our experienced Professional Services Team who is responsible for delivery of our software implementations.

Tom Mancini
Director of Concept Development
Tom Mancini | Director of Concept Development

Tom received his Computer Science degree from the University of Delaware in 2005. In 2009, he started at Edmunds as a Software Developer working on the MCSJ Software Suite. After 9 years and post-development of our Web and Mobile Apps, Tom became the Director of Concept Development. Tom and his team complete the research and development needed to remain on the forefront of software functionality and ease-of-use.

David L. Schultz
Director of Conversion Services
David L. Schultz | Director of Conversion Services

Dave has been working as an IT professional since 2000. He began working for a successful start-up company focused on developing and supporting ERP solutions for Medical Laboratory Customers in Healthcare. His ambition and curiosity in the government IT sector lead him to find Edmunds in 2004, where he was hired as a Software Support Specialist. In 2009, he was promoted to the Director of Support and Implementations, where he managed the operations and performance of our talented Client Services team for 7 years. In 2016, Dave launched the Conversion Services Department at Edmunds and now serves as the Director of the Conversion Services Team. Dave and his team are responsible for migrating new customer’s data from their legacy systems and performing data discovery, data transformation, staging, and test/live data conversions. Our innovative team consists of Conversion Developers, a Quality Assurance Team, and Data Analysts.

Paul Skibo
Director of Customer Success
Paul Skibo | Director of Customer Success

Paul graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Management Information Services (MIS) in 2002. After graduation, he started at Edmunds in our IT Services Department, where he helped support our clients’ infrastructure for 7 years. Paul became our Director of Customer Success in 2009, where he is responsible for ensuring that customers achieve their goals using our products and services. Paul is also Chair of our Client Advisory Board and coordinates our Edmunds Edge events.

Jeff Stout
Customer Experience Director
Jeff Stout | Customer Experience Director

Jeff received his accounting degree from Pfeiffer University in 1993 and began working as a Treasurer for a municipal government shortly thereafter. In 1998, he started at Edmunds GovTech as a Support Specialist, and a few years later migrated to the Solutions Department as a Consultant. With over 20+ years of local government experience, Jeff is now the Customer Experience Director and heads the Solutions Consulting team.

Susan Thurber
Client Services Manager
Susan Thurber | Client Services Manager

Susan joined Edmunds in February of 2019 with 15 years of Customer Service Management experience. She’s managed teams providing software support and has background overseeing customer service operations in the non-profit sector. She’s skilled at leading exceptional department performance by leveraging techniques and technologies that streamline operations while providing coaching and employee development. Susan holds a B.A. in Psychology from Stockton University.

James Brown, MBA
Sr. Project Manager
James Brown, MBA | Sr. Project Manager

Jim received his Business Management degree from Rowan University in 2011 and began working as a Business Systems Analyst for McKesson Corporation. During his tenure at McKesson, Jim filled multiple roles in both Business Analysis and Data Architecture with progressive levels of management responsibility. In 2017, he started at Edmunds as a Project Manager and shortly thereafter, he completed his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at Rutgers University. In 2018, Jim was promoted to Sr. Project Manager and now manages the Project Management Team.

Bill Barber
Technical Services Manager
Bill Barber | Technical Services Manager

Bill started at Edmunds in 1999 as a Tech Services Technician. Having extensive knowledge and experience in the tech sector, Bill now oversees the entire IT Department. In this role, he manages the operational and hardware aspect of our products while monitoring and implementing system changes and improvements. As a whole, Bill and the IT Team are the key technical interface between Edmunds and our clients.

Jeremy Barretta
Quality Assurance Manager
Jeremy Barretta | Quality Assurance Manager

Jeremy studied Psychology at Monmouth University and in 1998 began working as an Affirmative Action Specialist in the casino industry. In 1999, he moved into the software industry with a focus on Human Capital Management solutions working with development and testing teams for more than 19 years.  In 2018, he joined Edmunds and leads the Quality Assurance team with over 20 years of experience in software development and testing.

Employees in Product Development
Employees in Customer Support & Success

Employee Spotlight

Keileigh Parker | Administrative Assistant

As an Administrative Assistant for the last 2 years with Edmunds GovTech, Keileigh wears many hats. She monitors all inbound cases and emails to ensure our client inquiries are responded to in a promptly manner.  She makes sure there is always proper coverage and maintains employee schedules across two departments to do so. She also assists with travel arrangements and serves as a back-up when call volume requires. Keileigh has the tremendous responsibility of assisting our NJ clients with tax billing, and works extremely hard during this time sensitive period assisting with over 700 tax jobs each year. Thank you Keileigh for your hard-work, dedication and most importantly, your extremely friendly, positive and contagious attitude!