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It’s no secret that providing your residents with access to online services increases citizen engagement and reduces in-office traffic, which translates to less time spent with customers. In fact, we discuss ways to increase your…

Northfield, N.J. – Edmunds GovTech, an innovative titan in the local government software arena, has been selected as a Top 100 GovTech company for 2021.   The GovTech 100 is an annual list compiled and published by Government…

As we are coming to the end of 2020, I know we are all looking back on the challenges we have overcome this year, but I also know that we are looking forward to the…

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Each week, we will host a virtual event focused on a certain product, region, local government division, etc. This personalized and interactive experience will allow you to connect with our Edmunds team, learn more about our products and services, and stay up to date with industry trends and happenings.


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Tradeshows | 07.29.21
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