Tax Bill Pricing

The well being of our customers and team members is our top priority. We’re ready to be there for you with our commitment to provide a tax billing experience that is as stress-free as possible.

Edmunds GovTech has implemented safeguards for our team members to facilitate safe processing and delivery of your tax bills. These safeguards may affect delivery timelines and pick up at our office.


Tax Bill Order

Dear Tax Collector:

In order to prepare for the upcoming tax season, please complete a response form. Tax bills this year will be blue.

The Edmunds Tax Collection System has the capability of printing a duplicate bill for the current year to a laser printer at any time. This gives you the option to order a two-part instead of a three-part bill saving you money, reducing storage and saving a few trees in the process! If you choose the cost-efficient two-part bill, remember to order blank laser bills for printing any duplicates. Blank bills are supplied in laser form only.

Regular Tax Bills/Added Omitted Tax Bills

2-Part Forms $270.00/1,000

The two-part bill will consist of the original bill for all ratables and the advice copy for only those ratables with a bank code.

3-Part Forms $470.00/1,000

The three-part bill will consist of an original and duplicate copy for all ratables and an advice copy for bank codes only.

There is a minimum charge of $270.00 and $470.00, respectively.

Sample of Calendar Bill

Estimated Tax Bills – There is a flat $350 processing fee for calculating the estimated billing.

2-Part Condensed Tax Bills $240.00/1,000

The two-part bill will consist of the original bill for all ratables and the advice copy for only those ratables with a bank code.

There is a minimum charge of $240.00

Sample of Condensed Bill

Blank Bills for Duplicates – FULL SIZE ONLY

Quantities of 100 are 3-Part Forms: $34.00/100 (100% Original, Advice and Duplicate Bills)

Bulk Blanks

Please note that Edmunds is not responsible for bills ordered through a 3rd party.

If you print your bills in-house, forms can be ordered through Edmunds.
Forms must be ordered in multiples of 1000.
2-Part Forms $105.00/1,000 100% Original Bills and 50% Advice Bills
3-Part Forms $155.00/1,000 100% Original Bills, 50% Advice and 50% Duplicate Bills
***Orders of over 5,000 forms will be discounted 10%***

You also have the option of printing adjustments and prepayments on your tax bills. These must be entered into your system prior to Edmunds getting your “Tax Bill Extract File”. They will be shown in the quarter for which they are entered.

Delivery of bills will be within 6 working days of receiving a copy of a signed Tax Levy Totals Report and a signed proof of your tax bill.

All signed proofs must be received at our office by 5:00pm. You will receive a confirmation that production has started via e-mail or fax.


Edmunds GovTech Tax Billing Team

For Tax Bill Order Form, please click HERE.

For Estimated Bill Order Form, please click HERE.