About Edmunds GovTech

We’re More Than Just Software, We’re a Community.

Passionate about our customers’ success, Edmunds GovTech is devoted to providing you a first-class customer experience to streamline your operations, increase your productivity, and better serve your community.

Not only is our mission to ensure our customers’ success, but also to fortify and foster our reputation as the most trusted brand in the local government sector. In doing so, our core values stem from three trusted pillars: CommunityExpertise, and Value.


Founded on the principals of service and appreciation, our sense of community is rooted in the relationships we’ve built and the friendships we’ve made.


With over 45 years of local government experience, we utilize our industry-knowledge to understand your needs and serve you better.


We believe in providing solutions and services that will exceed your everyday needs and expectations, without the unreasonable price tag.