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Enhance resiliency with an effective local government cloud hosting solution.

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Recent events have demonstrated that investing in robust technology is no longer an option. Localities will need to make their systems resilient and accessible, capable of providing continued government services in a variety of unexpected situations. Edmunds GovTech has steadily invested in both our application software and in providing a local government cloud-based solution that is secure and robust – giving you and your constituents comfort that no matter what, your systems are safe, secure, and accessible anywhere, anytime. This reliable and convenient option offers many benefits including increased security, enhanced performance, 24/7 access, automated data backups, and more. 

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Key Benefits

Icon Seemless Integration

Immediately, securely, and easily access Edmunds’ applications from anywhere, at any time. 

Icon Automate

Avoid service interruptions during transition and perform implementation remotely.

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Enhance security vs. on-site server.

Reduce Downtime Icon

Reduce downtime to enhance efficiency.

Icon Valuable Data Access

Improve disaster recovery with automatic backups.

Reduce Costs Icon

Reduce costs associated with fileserver upgrades.

What Edmunds Cloud Hosting Can Empower You to Do:

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Icon Seemless

Anytime, anywhere access

Localities can directly access critical information using cloud hosting services with online and mobile app options. 

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Enhanced cybersecurity

Increase security to ensure critical data is protected for government entities and constituents alike. 

Icon Automation

Automated backups and disaster recovery

Alleviate the need for manual backups by automating tasks and creating preventative measures for easier management and disaster recovery. 

Reduce Costs Icon

Reduce costs

Eliminate manual system upkeep through automation.

Icon Tasks

Monitor and track cloud-based data 

Centralize data to enhance accessibility, standardization, and security.

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Customized data integration 

Import and access critical data integrated from any assessment or appraisal system with remote access and little to no interruptions. 

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Data Sheet

Cloud Hosting Fact Sheet

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Experience the Power of the Cloud with Edmunds.

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