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Implementing new digital solutions can come with many challenges.

That’s where the power of the right partner comes in. In these case studies, you’ll discover how Edmunds GovTech has helped municipalities, counties, utilities, counties, and other local government agencies successfully implement digital solutions to realize their full potential through software and service to their community.

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Acworth City logo

Acworth City

GA | City | 20K-50K

Edmunds’ solutions provide the County with software that is easy-to-use and budget friendly. With its cost-effectiveness, the software empowers Candler County to maintain fiscal responsibility and enables them to allocate […]

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Candler County logo

Candler County

GA | County | 5K-20K

Edmunds’ solutions provide the County with software that is easy-to-use and budget friendly. With its cost-effectiveness, the software empowers Candler County to maintain fiscal responsibility and enables them to allocate […]

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Western Allegheny County Municipal Authority logo

Western Allegheny County Municipal Authority

PA | Authority | 5K-20K

The Authority is preparing to take on several new customer accounts in the coming years. The staff is confident they have the software tools they need to handle the inflow […]

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Sumter County Board of Commissioners logo

Sumter County Board of Commissioners

GA | County | 20K-50K

Since switching to EGT’s solutions, Sumter County has experienced significant improvements in both reporting and budgeting functions. The software’s user-friendly features have made a substantial impact, particularly the Excel export […]

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Laurens County logo

Laurens County

GA | County | 20K-50K

County staff found EGT’s solutions to have the benefits and robust features they were looking for. Donna Lumley, CPA, Finance Officer at Laurens County, took notice of EGT’s commitment to […]

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Waldwick Borough logo

Waldwick Borough

NJ | Borough | 5K-20K

Both residents and borough staff alike benefited from the additions made by Edmunds GovTech. Tax, water, pool memberships, alarm fees, and tenant registrations were all made more efficient via EGT’s […]

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Montgomery County logo

Montgomery County

NC | County | 20K-50K

County staff noticed an immediate improvement in their processes after implementing EGT’s software. Report generation times dwindled from hours to just a few minutes. “Our previous software would stall when […]

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Western Monmouth Utilities Authority logo

Western Monmouth Utilities Authority

NJ | Authority | 20K-50K

With the Edmunds MCSJ system, the WMUA’s remote work transition was seamless and successful during the COVID-19 pandemic because of Edmunds’ cloud-hosted option. As of summer 2021, the Authority’s staff […]

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Town of Indian Trail logo

Town of Indian Trail

NC | Town | 20K-50K

Indian Trail was able to successfully have their staff work both in office and remotely throughout the course of the pandemic. They did not experience any drop off in efficiency upon switching to […]

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Town of Clyde logo

Town of Clyde

NC | Town | < 5K

The Town of Clyde experienced a variety of benefits upon making the switch to EGT. They expanded their capabilities and garnered increased efficiency with the new modules that were implemented. […]

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Jefferson Hills Borough logo

Jefferson Hills Borough

PA | Borough | 5K-20K

The borough experienced a great deal of improvement after converting from their old paper system to EGT’s solutions. Having a software provider with a knowledgeable support staff alleviated many of […]

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City of Lavonia logo

City of Lavonia

GA | Town | < 5K

The City Clerk of 35 years, Angie Greer, noticed an immediate difference in the level of support and software capabilities when EGT’s solutions were implemented. It took time to become […]

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Town of Bethany logo

Town of Bethany

CT | Town | 5K-20K

After implementing Edmunds, the flexibility and simplicity provided by the Finance module improved the day-to-day functions of the town by reducing paper trails and bolstering account management. Town staff found […]

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Broad Creek Public Service District logo

Broad Creek Public Service District

SC | Authority | 5K-20K

Since the hosted solution was an essential feature, it made the choice easy for Broad Creek Public Service District. The decision to switch to Edmunds GovTech proved to be successful in more ways than one. It allows The District to feel assured […]

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Village of Whitehall logo

Village of Whitehall

NY | Village | < 5K

The infrastructure was significantly upgraded at the Village Hall and is properly safeguarded for today and the future. Edmunds Managed Services and Tech team provides professional IT assistance as needed […]

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Town of Stuyvesant logo

Town of Stuyvesant

NY | Town | < 5K

With the help of Edmunds GovTech, not only was the Town updated on their technological front with easy to use software and a community engaging website, but they also received […]

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Town of Kilmarnock logo

Town of Kilmarnock

VA | Town | < 5K

When the Town of Kilmarnock made their transition to Edmunds in 2012, they were thrilled with the implementation process and training that they received. They continue to utilize the simple […]

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Town of Elsmere logo

Town of Elsmere

DE | Town | 5K-20K

With their previous software provider, the Town of Elsmere experienced many challenges that prevented them from operating efficiently. After meeting with Edmunds, the Town felt confident about their overall industry […]

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Borough of Elmwood Park logo

Borough of Elmwood Park

NJ | Borough | 20K-50K

With the implementation of the Edmunds MCSJ system, the Borough of Elmwood Park has improved their daily processes by working faster and smarter. The Borough’s favorite features are the customizable user […]

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Town of North East logo

Town of North East

MD | Town | < 5K

The Town of North East was using an ERP system that prevented them from accomplishing their everyday tasks. Since implementing Edmunds’ software, their favorite outcome is the improved reporting features […]

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Village of Chester logo

Village of Chester

NY | Village | < 5K

The Village of Chester has found Edmunds’ fully-integrated software to be seamless and dynamic. Their previous challenges from using multiple databases to extract information for reporting is now in the […]

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McIntosh County logo

McIntosh County

GA | County | 5K-20K

McIntosh County appreciates the timely and responsive nature of the Edmunds customer support team and the user-friendly details of the software. After making the switch to Edmunds, McIntosh County has seen […]

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Town of New Paltz logo

Town of New Paltz

NY | Town | 5K-20K

After implementing Edmunds GovTech in 2011, the Town of New Paltz has increased their productivity and saved valuable time due to the software’s automated functionality. Not only are they happy […]

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Town of Abingdon logo

Town of Abingdon

VA | Town | 5K-20K

Since selecting Edmunds, Abingdon has become more organized and efficient. The Town enjoys the dependability that comes with purchasing any of the Edmunds solutions and finds the customer service to […]

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City of Belton logo

City of Belton

SC | City | < 5K

Plagued with constant software issues, the City of Belton decided to switch to Edmunds GovTech for a fully-integrated software solution.

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Township of Mount Olive logo

Township of Mount Olive

NJ | Township | 20K-50K

The Township of Mount Olive was using outdated and challenging software. Now, they have streamlined daily processes to accomplish their goals.

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Township of Woodbridge logo

Township of Woodbridge

NJ | Township | > 100K

By choosing Edmunds GovTech as their software provider, Woodbridge has made their business processes seamless and eliminated redundant postings between different departments. 

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Town of Wilkesboro logo

Town of Wilkesboro

NC | Town | < 5K

This case study describes how the Town of Wilkesboro implemented public sector software from Edmunds GovTech to gain helpful customer service, ongoing product enhancements and cost savings.

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City of Jeannette logo

City of Jeannette

PA | City | 5K-20K

The City of Jeanette implemented local government software from Edmunds GovTech for simple integration between modules, customizable reports, and helpful support from a friendly technical support staff.

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City of Havre de Grace logo

City of Havre de Grace

MD | City | 5K-20K

Havre de Grace selected Edmunds’ software to manage their finances and revenue more efficiently. They’ve since added multiple citizen & employee self-service modules, and most recently, moved their enterprise solution […]

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Town of Middletown logo

Town of Middletown

DE | Town | 20K-50K

Middletown implemented public sector software from Edmunds GovTech after outgrowing their previous software. Edmunds’ software was easy to use and helped to streamline their processes and increase productivity.

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Buckingham Township logo

Buckingham Township

PA | Township | 20K-50K

Buckingham Township’s operations evolved from manual coordination and entry to automated functionality. Not only can they enter, upload, and reference information in an easy and seamless manner, they are more […]

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Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority logo

Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority

NJ | Authority | 50K-100K

Since implementing their integrated enterprise solution, BTMUA experienced greater operational efficiency, real-time management reporting, and has significantly improved the level of customer serviceprovided to their ratepayers.

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Our customers tell our story best.

“The software has made my whole department more efficient and allows us to upload and store documents for quick lookback and referencing. The most positive experience is when I can tell my staff that something we want updated/revised is included in the latest software update.”

Jill Pistory

Buckingham Township

“I am so impressed with your product. It is simply the best program that I have ever used for what it does. The cost structure and annual maintenance is fair. The support staff is amazing. I have always felt that your company just ‘gets it’. Keep up the good work!”

Matthew Martin

Hopewell Township Fire

“Your help with our conversion process and training has been tremendous. Your accessibility, responsiveness, and patience to walk us through the questions and challenges of our first payroll and accounts payable cycle this week has been so valuable!”

Elaine Jones

City of Frostburg

“Edmunds’ support process is extremely personalized and their response times are highly efficient. With any issue I run into, the Edmunds GovTech team always resolves it in a timely manner. Having a good support system with a wide knowledge base is 100 percent needed for a small municipality. I strongly feel Edmunds provides that.”

Jon Drager

Jefferson Hills Borough

“Municipal software solutions have become very costly in the past decade. Edmunds has managed to remain competitive and provide a solution that houses one system and database. All customer service representatives are professional, courteous, and strive to provide assistance and resources in a timely manner.”

Angela O’Neill

Chester Village

“The system is very user-friendly. It helps us be more productive because the program is easy to understand and makes training quicker to accomplish.”

Judy Stevens

Town of Kilmarnock

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