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At Edmunds GovTech, we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions that is specifically tailored to meet your municipality’s needs. Our solutions offer flexibility and automation, inclusive of custom reporting, electronic billing, unlimited rate schedules, the option to add an unlimited number of funds or attachments, and much more! Not only that, our Web Portals & Mobile Apps offer convenience to your employees, residents, and vendors by providing 24/7 access to whatever they need, whenever they need it.

We are continuously improving and enhancing our products and services based on our client’s feedback and input. Edmunds abides by all local, state, and federal government statues and has a dedicated team monitoring changes regularly.

With over 45 years of innovation and a 98% client retention rate, Edmunds GovTech is confident our industry-leading software will make your job easier.


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Start the digital transformation of local government finance with the Municipal Dashboard, Developers Escrow, Finance Super Suite and more from Edmunds GovTech.

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Manage Payroll and Human Resources for your local government agency with these Personnel Management modules from Edmunds GovTech.

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With Revenue Management modules from Edmunds GovTech, you can transform Utility Billing & Collections, Tax Billing & Collections, Work Orders, Animal Licensing and more.

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You can streamline Fleet Management, Inventory Control, Parks & Recreation, Land Management and more all from one place with Municipal Management solutions from Edmunds GovTech.

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Bill Pay

With online payment options for your residents, employees and vendors, you can ensure that everyone in your community has the easy-to-use online tools they crave.

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Technical Services

Feel protected and secure with Edmunds GovTech Technical Services. We offer a variety of tools that go well beyond the scope of our standard software support.

Technical Services

A Cloud Above the Rest

Not only are our solutions dynamic and easy-to-use, but they can operate on-premise or via the cloud. Moving to the cloud is beneficial for a number of reasons. But what does it mean? In simpler terms, moving to the cloud means securely migrating your data and applications to cloud hosting where it is accessible from anywhere at any time.

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