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Increase citizen engagement and customize workflows.

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Whether you manage city parks, recreational facilities, camps, sports leagues, or community centers; our Parks and Recreation software can be tailored to your unique requirements. Our web-based solutions are designed to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and alleviate administrative burdens through automation. Experience simplified tasks, increased engagement, and optimized efficiency with our customizable platform.

Implementing our solution can unlock new levels of operational efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately contribute to the well-being of your community.

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Key Features

Icon Unlimited Meters

Customizable program management options including waitlist automation, cancellation notifications, and release forms.

Icon Integration

Integration to save time on communication and minimize duplicate entries.

Icon Streamline

Member management and online self-service options enhance the resident and citizen experience.

Icon Custom Reports

Diverse payment options allow participants to pay online, in person, or by invoice.

Icon Cloud Hosted

Web-based access to easily serve your community online or in-office.

Icon Parcel

Admin, instructor, and participant access levels keep your information secure.

Our Parks and Recreation Module
Can Empower You to:

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Icon Service

Provide superior service

Citizens can register for, manage, and pay for programs online.

Icon Seemless

Seamless data integration

Finance teams can access and analyze critical revenue data integrated into our finance software suite.

Icon Reporting 1

Revitalized reporting

Create detailed reports, including emergency contacts and registration information to share with instructors, program managers, or other departments.

Icon Automation

Time-saving automation

Automatically gather registration and payment information from citizen entered data and leverage automated emails.

Icon Tasks

Complete tasks on the go

Work from anywhere with this web-based module.

Icon Stressless

Reduce stress and worry less

Designed with communities in mind, our parks and recreation module reduces paperwork and encourages citizen participation.

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Evolve Your Community’s Well-Being with Edmunds GovTech’s Parks and Recreation Software.

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