Edmunds GovTalk
Insightful Conversations on Trending Local Government Topics

We are so excited to introduce Edmunds GovTalk – our new local government webinar series!

With the increasing importance of digital transformation for local governments, Edmunds GovTech started GovTalk, to provide insights on a wide variety of local government topics. We will host virtual events focused on key topics, products, regions, local government divisions, and more. This personalized and interactive experience will allow you to connect with our Edmunds team, learn more about our products and services, and stay up to date with industry trends and happenings.

You will have the opportunity to submit a topic, ask questions, and discover new ways to embrace digital transformation in the local government space. Check out our upcoming webinars below and register today!

Please note that each event will cover different topics and subject matter based on the intended audience.


GovTalk Events

To register, please click the button below for the event you are interested in attending.




Virginia Tax

Description: In this session, we will review our Virginia Tax software module and best practices.

August 12th at 2pm EDT


Utility Billing & Collections

Description: In this session, we will review our Water Billing & Collections software module and best practices.