Edmunds GovTalk
Our Virtual Communication Platform

We are so excited to introduce Edmunds GovTalk – our new virtual communication platform!

Edmunds GovTech will host a virtual event focused on a certain product, region, local government division, and more. This personalized and interactive experience will allow you to connect with our Edmunds team, learn more about our products and services, and stay up to date with industry trends and happenings.

You will have the opportunity to submit a topic, ask questions, and discover new ways to be efficient in your daily operations. Check out our events below and register today!

Please note that each event will cover different topics and subject matter based on the intended audience.


GovTalk Events

To register, please click the button below for the event you are interested in attending.


Financial & Personnel Overview

Description: During this webinar we will explore how EGT’s Financial & Personnel Management applications can improve your efficiency and integrated.   

September 15th at 10am


Tax & Utility Billing Overview

Description: Over the course of this webinar you will see how EGT streamlines the Tax and Utility Billing process, creates an efficient online portal for your citizens to remain engaged and make payments, and offers the use of phone/tablet applications for your technicians to stay connected to you and the software in real time.  

September 22nd at 10am


Community Development Overview

Description: Join us for an opportunity to see how our Construction Permitting and Code Enforcement Module can improve your workflow and manage all permits, inspections, and violations within your Community Development department. Learn different tips, tricks, and best practices that will allow for paperless productivity and seamless integration with other modules.

September 29th at 10am


Citizen Engagement Tools Overview

Description: During this hour, you will see how 2000 local governments use modern software to provide their citizen’s 24/7 access to online services.  We will show examples of how easy it is to set up these tools, such as citizen requests for information, permit application and tracking, and online bill pay.

September 10th at 10am

October 6th at 10am