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Candler County

Candler County City
  • Customer Since: 2016
  • State: GA
  • Population Served: 5K-20K
  • Type of Organization: County
  • Former Software:

    Harris TBS

  • Implemented Modules:

“I appreciate the simplicity of the software modules we utilize; it does not overburden our staff with unnecessary features and provides a smooth workflow. Edmunds’ solutions are cost effective and valuably gets the job done for my team.” 

Bryan Aasheim
County Administrator

Who They Are

Candler County is located in the southeastern part of the state of Georgia, about 70 miles west of Savannah. The County was aptly named after Allen D. Candler who served as the Governor of Georgia from 1898 to 1902. Metter City is the county seat of Candler County. 

The County has been a client of Edmunds GovTech (EGT) since 2016. Candler’s leadership team includes County Administrator Bryan Aasheim and Captain Justin Wells. Bryan has been with the County since 2018 and Justin joined the Candler County Sheriff’s Office in 2014. 

What They Handle

The County’s Admin Department that Bryan oversees has over 110 employees and processes payroll for every office in the County. Despite managing a heavy workload, the Admin Office operates efficiently with minimal resources, allowing for funds to be redirected to other essential County divisions.

Bryan and Justin also oversee capital allocation for the Sheriff’s Office which includes safety projects such as overhauling and implementing new law enforcement equipment. These projects are seamlessly accounted for and tracked over multiple years via the EGT software system. 

How Edmunds GovTech Makes an Impact

Edmunds’ solutions provide the County with software that is easy-to-use and budget friendly. With its cost-effectiveness, the software empowers Candler County to maintain fiscal responsibility and enables them to allocate resources to other County departments, along with providing straightforward methods for auditing and tracking spending.

One of the main aspects that Candler County’s leadership team leverages the EGT system for is capital projects and operational expenditures. This includes the generation of purchase orders, and it also facilitates reporting for law enforcement functions. These features allow for centralized purchasing and efficient communication between departments. Centralized purchasing enables field employees to communicate purchases to the County’s Admin Office, facilitating quick creation of purchase orders. Additionally, EGT provides a convenient import feature for purchase cards, further expediting the recording of purchases into the system.

Another function of the software that the County often uses is the tracking ID feature for detailed reporting on expenses and grant spending. For assets like vehicles, any time an automobile is repaired or altered, it is easily tracked in the system. Major capital projects such grants and large renovations also benefit from this feature by helping keep records of their status. A detailed report enhanced by the tracking ID feature can easily be generated by EGT’s software to see further details on spending across multiple funds. 

In conclusion, the collaboration between Candler County and Edmunds GovTech underscores the transformative impact of cost effective software solutions in optimizing resource management and operational efficiency within local government frameworks.

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