This is the 100th issue of the our blog! When I started writing nearly four years ago, I had no idea how long this would run, but certainly the idea of 100 posts was unimaginable!

To commemorate this milestone, I had the idea of creating a word cloud of the most common words found in the first 99 issues. In the interest of full disclosure, the idea was mine, but credit for the artistic elements (font, color and shape) go to my wife, Gina.

The word cloud is a tear-drop (water droplet?) shape, pointing toward the future, anchored by the words utility, customer, customers and service. Since the tagline for this newsletter is “Insights into how utilities can improve operations and better serve their customers”, it only makes sense that these words should appear frequently.

Hopefully, some of what I’ve written has helped you be more forward thinking in your approach to customer service. After all, without customers, none of us would have a job!

My blog

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Thank you

Being Thanksgiving week, it’s only natural to pause and reflect on what we’re thankful for. I’m thankful for you, my readers, many of whom have been here since the very first issue. Thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say and also for the compliments, kudos and ideas I receive.

I also owe a huge “thank you” to my wife, Gina. As I mentioned above, she lent her artistic talents to the word cloud in this issue. More importantly, she serves as my editor for each issue, catching misspellings and punctuation errors or helping me find a better way to make my point. Thank you, darling!