Since the onset of COVID, my time spent in utility offices has been practically non-existent, so I wasn’t aware of the increased abuse some customers service reps are taking from customers. At least not until I read this LinkedIn post from Kathy Nguyen, the Customer Service Manager for Cobb County Water System in Georgia. Kathy is a blog subscriber and a LinkedIn contact.

The Calm Cubicle

Kathy created what she calls the Calm Cubicle – a place where her staff can take breaks and unwind from the stress of dealing with customers all day. The cubicle has relaxing desk toys, signs for inspiration and encouragement, and a daily inspirational calendar. Since she posted this on LinkedIn, Kathy has added a curtain so staff can have privacy, if they desire, while they are in the Calm Cubicle. Members of her staff have brought jigsaw puzzles and Kathy reports that some of her staff work on the puzzles together.

Staff is appreciative

One of the most encouraging things Kathy relayed is that her staff is very appreciative of the Calm Cubicle, and no one has abused the privilege. Kathy said, “I have been pleased and we have not had anyone abusing the privilege, which I think a lot of Customer Service leadership worries that you can’t give the staff anything and let them self-manage because it will get out of hand.”

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