October is known for falling leaves, football, and of course Halloween, but did you know it is also National Cyber Security Awareness Month?

Cyber security can be a technologically terrifying subject, and as we near the end of October, spookiness is surely in the air. For local governments, one of the most haunting outcomes that can occur is a cyber-attack.

We recently saw this firsthand when a customer suffered a ransomware attack, and their data was held hostage. How did this happen? Simply put, they were operating on an on-premise server environment with inadequate security to protect and defend their information.

Cyber-attacks are a real and on-going threat for the local government community. Being targeted and getting hit creates a sizeable headache and an aftermath cost that puts your residents, vendors, and employee’s sensitive data at risk. Cyber criminals often move undetected and steal your data leaving you in a position where it is too late to act. The best way to ward off any ghostly operating cyber criminals is to transition your data to a hosted cloud server. Moving to the cloud can greatly minimize the chances of a breach occurring.

When operating in a hosted environment, your server essentially becomes the house in the neighborhood that no one dares to mess with on the mischievous night that is Halloween. The security lights are on, and there is a fortified fence with a savvy guard dog defending the perimeter. Data, or mischief in this analogy, is a much easier gain for the on-premise houses down the street who leave their lights off and  fences wide open.

Turning to the cloud is an extremely simple process. The transition for our current customers can be completed in about an hour. It is also an affordable and cost-effective option. By transitioning to the cloud, you’ll have peace-of-mind that not only is your data safe, but you will have the ability to access your information from anywhere at any time. Additional benefits include real-time, redundant backups to 3 separate U.S. locations, enhanced system performance, and increased savings by eliminating future costly server upgrades.

Another cloud hosting perk is that you no longer have to worry about manually updating or upgrading your on-premise server. You can sit back and relax while we automatically handle it for you after hours, as part of our routine maintenance. We started providing cloud hosting services over three years ago, and nearly 400 of our customers are currently on the cloud, none of which have had a cyber security incident. With results like this, you could say Edmunds GovTech’s cloud solution is like the house on Halloween handing out the full-size candy bars.

For more information on hosting, feel free to contact us Info@EdmundsGovTech.com or visit our hosting page.

Happy Halloween!