Edmunds GovTech’s (EGT’s) Electronic Purchasing solutions are a valuable tool that comes equipped with a variety of benefits. It is engineered specifically with local governments in mind and is designed to help power efficiency in your organization.

Be sure to utilize or inquire about the following e-purchasing features that can help optimize your local government’s operations:

Paperless Purchasing

Go paper-free with EGT. Our solution allows you to operate completely paperless when it comes to e-payments and accounts payable with a completely digital process.

Electronic Requisitions & Mobile App

Add a request, send and receive notifications, complete approvals, attach documents, and more. These functions can also be deployed via EGT’s mobile application making it easy to add and approve requests on-the-go.

Convert Requisitions to Purchase Orders

This feature sends electronic notifications to the department or person that entered the request for notification of approval, denial, payment, and more.

Utilize PDF Forms

Automatically e-mails vendors a PDF copy when you process their payment and provides users the ability to email another copy at any time.

Electronic Signatures

Signatures can be included on PDF copies of the purchase order when using electronic purchasing.

Pay Vendors Electronically

Send e-mailed check stubs and payment statements when you generate a direct deposit file.

For more information on Electronic Purchasing, contact us at Info@EdmundsGovtech.com or check out our resource center for other helpful documentation.