Financial Management FAQs

Answers to commonly asked questions about local government financial management

Will I need an outside accounting solution in addition to the Finance Super Suite?

No, because our solution is built specifically for local governments, it can handle all of your fund accounting needs without the need for an outside accounting solution. It’s an all-inclusive financial package.

What specific features are included in the Finance Super Suite?

Core features of the Finance Super Suite include general ledger, encumbrance accounting, contract management, accounts payable, grant tracking, bank reconciliation, and much more. Download the product sheet to learn more about our local government financial management software.

Is there a way to easily access and view financial data and generate reports?

Yes, the Edmunds ViewPoint Dashboard integrates with the Finance Super Suite to display up-to-date KPIs in charts, tables and other visual elements. It eliminates the need for manual reporting and enables you to more easily and effectively analyze financial performance. You can also export custom reports to Excel.

Can I customize budgeting based on department?

Yes, our local government financial software gives you the option to configure budgeting by fund or by department to accommodate your municipality or jurisdiction’s unique structure and processes.

Is there a way for external constituents to view my municipality’s financial performance?

Yes, our Municipal Dashboard provides the ability to share relevant financial information with residents to keep them informed and offer transparency between your jurisdiction and its citizens. You can customize the data that is published and constituents can easily access this information in visual and interactive displays. The ViewPoint Dashboard makes it easy for internal viewing of financial data via charts, tables, and more.

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