From time to time, I make use of polls to encourage reader engagement. Typically, I will publish the results of the poll in the next newsletter issue or blog post and forget about the poll.

Four years ago, I ran a poll asking which services utilities offer

leak adjustments for. The original poll results included responses from 38 utilities. I don’t even remember why I was looking at the results page on the polling software site, but imagine my surprise when I recently noticed that poll now has 113 responses! That’s 75 additional responses since I initially published the poll results.

Similar trend

Even with the increased number of responses, the trend is very similar to the original 38 responses.

Comparing the results

Surprising as it was to find that 75 additional people completed the poll since the original results were posted, the updated results aren’t all that much different, proportionally, from the original results.

Overwhelmingly, utilities still offer leak adjustments for both water and sewer. Similarly, a relatively small percentage don’t offer leak adjustments at all. One minor difference between the two sets of results is an increase in the number of utilities offering leak adjustments for water only and a corresponding decrease in adjustments for sewer only.