Before the sun sets on the month of August, there is one more summer holiday that always greets those who celebrate it with a warm reception, National Dog Day.  

Occurring on August 26th, National Dog Day is recognized nationwide as a celebration of canines and their owners.  

Dogs have worked side by side with humanity for centuries supporting in tasks ranging from hunting, herding, protection, service work, and most importantly companionship. They have proven to have an adept ability to integrate and excel within a variety of environments. It’s no wonder they are widely regarded as man’s best friend.  

With dogs being such an integral part of our communities, it is important to evaluate what can be improved upon at a local government level to help keep our four-legged friends safe and happy.

Among EGT’s many integrated solutions, our Animal Licensing and Parks and Recreation modules are great ways to enhance your communities for both office staff and residential rovers alike.  

Our Animal Licensing module allows users to issue licenses, take payments, issue tags, manage animal and owner information, and store related documents. It also provides the ability to streamline renewals and custom reporting to help keep all paws safe and accounted for. This module is designed to simplify the daily licensing process and enforcement activities providing efficiency and ease-of-use with payment integration to finance. It’s a clerk’s best friend when it comes to tracking breeds, vaccinations, and tag numbers. 

Once licensed, dogs will want to head to one of their favorite spots, the park!

Our Parks and Recreation solution is engineered with dynamic features and streamlined functionality to keep your local government moving. Automated email communications, membership and payment tracking, calendar overviews, and customizable program options are all available features found in this integrative solution. If your community offers training, other types of classes, or dog park memberships, our Parks and Recreation module also provides attendance tracking, class lists, and instructor management features to help keep everyone organized and up to date. 

To learn more about these canine conforming modules, please follow the links below: 

Animal Licensing Parks and Recreation

Happy National Dog Day!