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A Note From Bob Edmunds – 2021

The past 21 months have presented challenges to all of us. I have a deep appreciation for what each of you have done, individually and collectively, to support your citizens and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Edmunds GovTech, as with most small businesses, took some time to adjust to the “new normal.” After a few months, several suggestions, and the proper implementation of change, we regained capacity to properly support both our customers and staff.

COVID-19 pushed a great increase in clients utilizing our cloud hosting services, citizen engagement tools, and online bill pay options. This was due to the need for employee remote access, a desire for contact free payments, and a spike in cyber security breaches affecting local governments. With these types of data security concerns on the rise, it has been a goal of ours to continue to promote awareness and educate our customers on the many benefits that cloud services provide. Moving sensitive data to the cloud is the best defense in today’s world of cyber-attacks and phishing attempts.

Looking ahead, Edmunds is enthusiastic for what the New Year of 2022 will bring. The four primary areas of focus for us will be:

1) The continued evolution of our MCSJ Software
2) Improved implementation efficiency in delivering training and data conversions to our customers
3) The strengthening of industry and product knowledge among Customer Support Staff
4) Strong community presence with the continued support of many charitable causes and local youth activities, with principal recipients being the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation

In 2022, Edmunds GovTech will be celebrating our 50th year in business; a milestone we are extremely proud of! My father, also named Bob, founded Edmunds & Associates in 1972. For many years, our key business was data processing contract work for the federal government, primarily the Department of Defense. In 1991, my father ditched the suit and tie to retire and became a wholesale flower farmer. In 1994, we entered the local government software market and the rest is history. A fun fact about our family is that the finance contact from our first customer became my wife 35 years ago. We now have four sons, three that actively work at Edmunds GovTech today. As a family-owned and run business, we take pride in providing the same sense of family and offering our industry experience to foster the community that is Edmunds GovTech.

Please accept my appreciation for giving us the privilege of serving every single one of you. We look forward to the New Year and the next 50 years, so we can continue to enhance our relationship and commitment to all our customers.

On behalf of everyone on the Edmunds GovTech team, we hope that you have a safe and healthy holiday season.

Bob Edmunds, Sr.
CEO & Board Chairperson
800.220.3754 ext. 1100