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Summer Hackathon 2022

On July 21st and 22nd, Edmunds GovTech employees from all over the east coast gathered at the Edmunds headquarters in Northfield, New Jersey for our 2022 Summer Hackathon, an event designed for programmers and developers to come together and improve upon or build a new software program. 

The goal of this two-day event was to spark creativity among our employees to work on anything that could practically benefit Edmunds GovTech and the operations or development roadmap. With that goal in mind, our employees did not disappoint! This event consisted of 15 teams representing various Edmunds GovTech departments including Development, Quality Assurance, IT, Implementation Services, Data Services, and Customer Support. Team members’ tenure ranged from 2 months (that’s right!) to 2+ decades and included all levels of staff, from individual contributors to directors. 

The teams presented 15 unique, creative, and practical concepts, with some benefiting our customers, some benefiting our competitive product lineup, and some benefiting our internal operating processes. As a result, our management team will be considering how and where we can commercialize or operationalize the best ideas in the future. 

Overall, this hugely successful event will now be a semi-annual occurrence for the Edmunds GovTech team to gather, work together, and showcase their skill and passions to bring new ideas to the company. Many sincere thanks to our participants who contributed great thoughts and effort. We’re looking forward to the 2023 Winter Hackathon!