Permitting Self-Service FAQs

Answers to commonly asked questions about our Permitting Self-Service Web Portal

Can residents attach documents through the portal?

Yes, inspectors & residents can both attach documents in the portal. You can require residents to scan documents from their computer and attach the documents to their permit application through the portal.

Can contractors utilize the Permitting Self-Service portal?

Yes, contractors are also able to utilize this portal as we understand that contractors who are working on multiple properties need to apply for permits as well as residents. Contractors can have a log-in that shows information for multiple properties, as well as the inspections and permits they applied for or any other information about the property.

Does anyone in the office have to enter information after a permit is applied for?

The information entered by the resident should be all the system needs to build out the permit application. However, someone in the office will have to enter the information when adding building codes, fees, or scheduling inspections.

How can we download the mobile app?

Once you purchase the Permitting Self-Service portal, the mobile app is available for free in the Apple store or Android store by simply searching “MCSJ”.

Can inspectors edit their view to only see tasks under their name?

Yes, if they log into the portal they are able to see the inspections they have assigned to them that day, and the view can be edited to be specific to any portal user.

Does the desktop version notify users of a new permit application?

Yes, a notification will appear in the notification pane alerting you that a new permit application has been submitted.

Can anyone view permit data for any property even if it isn’t their own?

No, residents are only able to see information regarding their own property.

Can inspectors send field reports to non-app users?

Yes, reports can be sent to non-app users by saving as a pdf.

Can multiple permits be entered at one time?

Permits must be submitted one at a time. However, once the information is in the system, it is easier to create permits.

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