The holiday season has finally arrived!

While we look forward to the annual festivities, it is also important to be vigilant for the upcoming tax season that is just around the corner. A few changes are on the horizon, and we have complied some insightful information below to help you through your filing process.

IRS Regulation Changes

When the IRS decides to drop the e-file threshold, be prepared. MCSJ has you covered with an easy all-inclusive paperless filing tool already available to you for W-2 and ACA reporting.

Proposed IRS regulations were recently released recommending that the e-file threshold for information returns be lowered from 250 to 100 for Tax Year 2021 returns (to be filed in 2022) and then from 100 to 10 in Tax Year 2022 (to be filed in 2023). This regulation includes the total for all aggregated forms filed. Other provisions in the proposed regulations and more information on this subject can be viewed here.

Complete Your Filing in Minutes

Available through MCSJ, Nelco is a paperless filing tool that allows you to easily file your W–2 and 1095 forms in just a few clicks. It will save most users an abundance of time on year-end reporting, and it can be completed in just minutes.

What is the Process?

The secure process Nelco provides walks you through a few easy steps to complete a paperless filing. Nelco’s filing portal can be accessed right from within EGT’s software. Data from the MCSJ software can be directly imported to Nelco’s dashboard for a simple and efficient filing process. You can choose to file for all forms in a bundled method or use an a-la-carte format just for the services you need. Before and after filing, you can easily access a filing history section via the software’s e-file portal. This portal gives you a comprehensive summary and up-to-date status of all your forms.

Worry-Free Requirement Coverage

Federal, state, and recipient requirements are all met through Nelco. You can file all your important forms at ease knowing these requirements are covered without managing any paper copies. If paper copies are desired, Nelco will securely print and mail recipient copies for you, as well!

Want to Learn More?

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