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Elected officials are focused on strengthening the community—from empowering stakeholders across each department, to promoting citizen engagement. Unfortunately, elected officials are hard-pressed to find a dynamic solution that serves both their citizens and their stakeholders. 

Wholly dedicated to local governments and utility districts, Edmunds delivers a dynamic suite of tools and resources to make each department within your municipality’s job easier to elevate citizen engagement across finance, tax, permitting, personnel, and more. Edmunds’ integrated solution provides comprehensive visibility and data standardization while empowering your citizens and your stakeholders.  

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  • 50+ years 100% focused on local government
  • Connected solutions for stakeholders and citizens
  • Complete data continuity and robust reporting
  • Focused on innovation to future-proof your municipality
  • Responsive support to set you up for success

We’re on a mission to make your job easier.

Here are some of the challenges we help elected officials address.

Elected Official Mission

Cross-departmental continuity

Complete visibility and continuity across departments within your jurisdiction are critical. As an integrated suite of solutions, Edmunds brings new levels of standardization and transparency throughout your municipality. 

Citizen engagement

Transparency with citizens is central to the elected official’s role. We deliver your citizens streamlined access to the information they request and deserve—where and when they need it.  

Stakeholder empowerment

Municipal employees each have their own set of unique requirements. Edmunds delivers connected tools to serve them all, empowering you and your team to do your jobs more efficiently and effectively than ever before.  

Data-driven decision making

Elected officials require at-a-glance insight into your municipality’s KPIs to optimize decision making. With Edmunds, you can access all of your KPIs in one, visual workspace to inform more effective decisions.  

Continual improvement

An effective digital solution must evolve alongside your municipality. With robust support services and a focus on innovation, Edmunds empowers your municipality to embrace digital transformation and adapt to changing realities.  

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