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Charged with ensuring accurate and timely utilities billing and collection, the utilities department faces significant obstacles from poor visibility and reporting to incompatible meter readings, inefficient and manual processes, and frequent resident inquiries. A purpose-built digital solution can dramatically accelerate and simplify the utilities collection process, but how can you identify one that meets your many requirements?   

Experienced with utilities departments of any size, Edmunds provides specialized Utility Billing software as part of its dynamic suite of local government software solutions. Built to bring new simplicity and automation to utilities billing and collection, Edmunds enables utilities authorities to accurately track usage, make data-driven decisions, and streamline the invoicing process, all while providing responsive support to empower your users.    

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Here are some of the challenges we help utilities collection employees address.

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Automated data entry

Utilities authorities are often faced with manual data entry and inefficient processes. As an integrated solution, Edmunds automates manual processes and enables your utilities authority to operate more efficiently than ever before. 

Real-time updates

Many utility districts rely on outdated and inefficient legacy solutions to manage billings and collections. With secure cloud hosting capabilities, Edmunds provides a real-time view into timely and accurate utility insights.  

Meter reading compatibility

Accurate usage tracking is critical for utilities professionals, but incompatible meter readings present a key challenge. Edmunds enables flexible integration with meter reading devices, as well as an unlimited number of meters.   

Streamlined resident access

Utilities departments receive countless calls from residents with inquiries around usage and billing. By providing intuitive Online Bill Pay capabilities, Edmunds enables residents to easily access their account details, saving time for you and your constituents.  

System integration

Utilities authorities must balance a range of variables from a variety of sources to ensure accurate billing. By integrating with work orders, online payments, and inventory, Edmunds centralizes and standardizes key information to bring new efficiency to your authority.  

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