Last week, I participated in a seminar sponsored by the North Carolina AWWA-WEA Finance and Management Committee. The topic of the seminar was Billing and Collection Systems and featured several excellent presentations.

What impact will stopping Saturday mail delivery have?

One of the presentations dealt with outsource billing and included a panel of three presenters –two utility representatives and one outsource vendor.

As I’m sure you’re aware, the Postal Service will be discontinuing Saturday mail delivery later this year. One of the questions posed to the panel was “what impact will the elimination of Saturday mail delivery have?”

Targeted delivery of Monday through Thursday

The outsource vendor representative raised an excellent point I had never considered before – businesses should avoid delivering bills on Friday or Saturday.

During the week, most people are in the habit of checking their mail at a regular time, most likely when they get home from work. They take the mail into the house and put it where they know to find it later when it’s time to pay their bills.

However, on weekends people may not be home or they may check the mail on their way out the door to run errands. Wouldn’t you rather your bill end up in a stack to be paid rather than misplaced in the car?