What would you do if all of your systems crashed?  

If you are unable to answer that question or cannot do so confidentially, you are likely setting your organization up for serious problems down the road. We recently discussed this topic during our Cyber Awareness & Preparedness GovTalk, and we learned that it’s a tough question for most local municipal governments to answer these days. As I realized that this is a topic that needs to be addressed more often, it’s just as important to shed light on the services and options at your disposal. Edmunds GovTech now offers a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Solution to prepare you with an answer to these tough questions and arm your local government with an action plan.  

Running a data backup to the cloud or another appliance is not enough in today’s cyber landscape that is rampant with cyber-attacks, ransomware, malware, and other threats. Organizations must be proactive and protect their data against these threats. It’s also imperative to have a recovery plan ready to execute when an event or disaster does occur. Our Datto BCDR solution will help your organization minimize your Recovery Time Objective (RTO), or the time it takes to get back up and running when a disruption occurs.  

How does a BCDR solution differentiate itself from your typical backup? This solution is a more intelligent and robust way to protect and store your data compared to other traditional data backup options. Our modernized backup process begins with a BCDR appliance or device that sits on your local network and includes customizable options such as backup interval settings. Data backups are stored locally on the BCDR appliance and in the cloud to two separate locations in the United States. Having your data stored in multiple locations drastically diminishes the risk of your data being compromised. Additionally, as your data is downloaded it is scanned for viruses, encrypted, and mounted to ensure that it can be restored.  

After your first initial backup, we will capture incremental snapshots of the changes to your data and roll them into the most recent full backup image. This process allows for an efficient data transfer to the cloud and your BCDR appliance by reducing the amount of data that is typically backed up during a full interval backup. This process also provides customers the option to restore data versions that are a minute old vs. a day old. The data security features will also mitigate storing backups that have been compromised by an attack since each backup is scanned for viruses during the process. This is key because sometimes an organization does not find out about an attack for weeks or months after it has occurred. By then, you could discover that data backups have been compromised, inflating RTO, and exponentially driving up recovery costs. Rest assured knowing that every backup is monitored by our EGT Engineers as an added measure of protection. 

Edmunds GovTech is committed to providing local municipal governments with security and peace of mind. Please contact us to learn more about our Managed and Protect Services and inquire about a free Cyber Security Risk Assessment. Let EGT focus on the tech so you can focus on serving your citizens and running your operations.