Managed IT Services have become popular in recent years, offering many benefits over the traditional break/fix model. These services deliver value and peace-of-mind to your local government agency over traditional services. Below, we will discuss some of the benefits of utilizing a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP).

Reactive vs. Proactive System Structure

A break/fix model is reactionary in nature, while Managed IT Services focus on proactive measures to ensure that your systems are always up-to-date and secure. Why wait to put a plan in place until a problem occurs? When an issue arises, a reactionary approach can be chaotic, disorganized, and often, more costly. With Managed IT Services, there is a plan for the worse-case scenario which ensures measures are in place so that your local government organization is prepared when early warning signs present themselves.

Technology progression over the last five to ten years has been substantial. Not long ago, backup inefficiencies and other maintenance issues were break/fix only, meaning when something went wrong, the IT provider needed to dispatch a tech to go on-site for troubleshooting. Depending on the nature of the issue, the on-site visit may have incurred an expense, or the tech may have not been able to fully address the problem due to the need to order replacement hardware. Could the issue have been addressed remotely?

For today’s MSPs, there are a multitude of powerful tools to manage your infrastructure appropriately and remotely. Support tickets are submitted electronically, and with remote monitoring and management tools, quick action and automated alerts are key. These tools can help detect and stop an issue before it affects the system, resulting in more predictable and consistent costs for easier budgeting. 24/7 monitoring aims to identify and remediate problems when they are small, reducing costly downtime. Most of the critical systems on your network can be monitored by firewall logs, backups, anti-virus protection, server and workstation patches, and more. These tools alert technicians of issues or conflicts before they become larger problems. These measures help to reduce cyber-vulnerabilities and ensure good security awareness practices are instilled in your users, both of which are proven to lower risks.

Technology is Ever Evolving

Reliance on computer systems and IT infrastructure needs vary, but it is certain that those needs will continue to evolve. What happens if a major issue is encountered with your network, software systems, or email? How do you get back up and running? How long will it take? If a breach or infiltration inadvertently takes place, who is responsible for a resolution? These scenarios are preventable and addressable with the right MSP. Relying on your MSP to handle your infrastructure affords your staff more time to focus on operational endeavors and performing their core job responsibilities.

If you are interested in learning about how Edmunds GovTech can assist in safeguarding your local government with Managed IT Services, contact us to schedule your on-site cybersecurity risk assessment.