Case Study

Township of Mount Olive



Population Served:


Type of Organization:




Former Software

Custom county in-house system


Mount Olive struggled with their own custom in-house software that prevented them from accomplishing everything they wanted to. The system was outdated and difficult-to-use, and since it was a custom system, they did not have access to the level of customer service or support that was needed.


When the Township decided to update their software, they hoped to find a fully-integrated and user-friendly ERP system. During their search, Mount Olive immediately recognized Edmunds GovTech as a leading municipal software provider. It was because of the reliable company name and high level of support that Mount Olive decided to move forward with Edmunds GovTech.

Implemented Modules

  • Finance Super Suite
  • Electronic Requisitions
  • Tax Billing & Collections
  • Utility Billing & Collections
  • Web Inquiry & Payment Portal


Overall, Mount Olive’s favorite aspect of Edmunds is the detailed, ever-evolving software that is continuously improved with each upgrade. Once Mount Olive made the switch to the Edmunds system, the Township was immediately impressed with the level of customer service they received. The reliable and professional support staff at Edmunds helped the Township accomplish their goals and improve their daily processes.


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