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“Processing time is no longer an issue now that we work with EGT’s software. Our payroll processes have become much more efficient. We’re very thankful to have Edmunds’ payroll solution.”

Belinda Stuart
Accountant & Payroll Specialist


Prior to implementing Edmunds GovTech (EGT), the County of Montgomery faced a major issue regarding their sluggish payroll process. The County ran payroll for nearly 200 individuals and was setting aside 3 full days to complete processing. This lengthy amount of time stemmed from the inadequate report generation capabilities of their software, which would take up to two hours. Performing basic tasks in the system resulted in frequent latency. Due to the lagging software, staff was consistently worried about deadlines as even one change to a report could cost the staff an exorbitant amount of time.


The decision came easily when they saw how quickly the system was able to process data. After seeing the capabilities of Edmunds’ software, the County decided it was time to upgrade. They chose to implement several of EGT’s solutions to bolster their staff’s day-to-day efforts in finance, utility, and payroll. The decision came easy when they saw how quickly it was to generate reports, how user-friendly the custom reporting tools are, and the ease of making system edits.


County staff noticed an immediate improvement in their processes after implementing EGT’s software. Report generation times dwindled from hours to just a few minutes. “Our previous software would stall when generating a payroll report,” said County Accountant & Payroll Specialist, Belinda Stuart. “With EGT’s software, full reports are generated in no longer than a couple of minutes.” Other employees of the County also noted many of their favorite software features including the ease of creating custom reports, global edits, and easy uploads into the system for general ledger batch entries. They are thrilled to have made the switch.

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