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Company Rebrand Announcement

Welcome to Edmunds GovTech!
New Look, Same Service.

As of Monday, June 3rd, we officially launched our new brand as Edmunds GovTech! This is an exciting and important milestone for us as a company, as we unveiled a new name, logo, and website.

It may seem like a big change, but rest assured, our core values and commitment to our customers will stay the same. Furthermore, our customers will experience no change in their software or day-to-day processes.

In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs.

What can customers expect from this rebrand?
Customers can expect to receive the same, if not improved service and support, as well as a new and improved look. Although there is no direct change to our customers’ software or processes, customers will need to re-register for our enhanced Customer Support Portal.

Will customers need a new W9 or Business Registration?
Customers will not need a new W9 or Business Registration. Although our external-facing name has changed, we are still registered as Edmunds & Associates for W9 and Business Registration purposes.

Why are we rebranding when we already have a strong brand reputation?
Edmunds & Associates has served as our company name since inception; however, many people perceive “Associates” to imply that we are an accounting or engineering firm. Considering our recent growth, we felt that it was time for a fresh and appealing new look, with a semi-descriptive name that would pinpoint our niche market and lend itself to what we offer.

How does this change the customer relationship with Edmunds?
Although this change will not affect our client relationships in any way, we are always striving to improve our overall processes and reputation. This led us in the direction to rebrand our current aesthetics and visual appeal.

Does the rebrand also mean a change in company leadership?
No, this rebrand does not mean that there will be any change in leadership. Bob Edmunds will remain a prominent figure who maintains direct leadership over the organization.

Does the rebrand mean that our software will also change?
No, our software will not change. The look and functionality will remain the same.

What will happen to the old email addresses?
The old email addresses will still be functional and any emails sent to these accounts will forward to our new addresses so that no emails are lost. Please make sure to add our new email addresses to your address book.

What will happen to the old website URL?
Although you can still visit our website by using any of the old URL links, we encourage you to use our new URL,

For any other questions, please email