Case Studies

How Government Agencies are
Transforming with Edmunds GovTech

Implementing new software comes with many challenges. In these case studies, you’ll see how Edmunds GovTech has helped municipal and government agencies to successfully implement digital solutions.

“[The software] has made my whole department more efficient and allows us to upload and store documents for quick lookback and referencing. The most positive experience is when I can tell my staff that something we want updated/revised is included in the latest software update.”

Jill Pistory | Buckingham Township

“I am so impressed with your product. It is simply the best program that I have ever used for what it does. The cost structure and annual maintenance is fair. The support staff is amazing. I have always felt that your company just ‘gets it’. Keep up the good work!”

Matthew Martin | Hopewell Township Fire

“Your help with our conversion process and training has been tremendous.  Your accessibility, responsiveness, and patience to walk us through the questions and challenges of our first payroll and accounts payable cycle this week has been so valuable!  Thank you just doesn’t seem adequate.  Your outstanding customer service is greatly appreciated!”

Elaine Jones | City of Frostburg

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VA | Town | 5K-20K

Since selecting Edmunds, Abingdon has become more organized and efficient. The Town enjoys the dependability that comes with purchasing any of the Edmunds solutions and finds the customer service to be unmatched. 

SC | City | < 5K

Plagued with constant software issues, the City of Belton decided to switch to Edmunds GovTech for a fully-integrated software solution.

NJ | Township | 20K-50K

The Township of Mount Olive was using outdated and challenging software. Now, they have streamlined daily processes to accomplish their goals.

NJ | Township | > 100K

By choosing Edmunds GovTech as their software provider, Woodbridge has made their business processes seamless and eliminated redundant postings between different departments. 

NC | Town | < 5K

This case study describes how the Town of Wilkesboro implemented public sector software from Edmunds GovTech to gain helpful customer service, ongoing product enhancements and cost savings.

PA | City | 5K-20K

The City of Jeanette implemented local government software from Edmunds GovTech for simple integration between modules, customizable reports, and helpful support from a friendly technical support staff.

MD | City | 5K-20K

Havere de Grace first selected Edmunds’ software in 2014 to manage their finances and revenue. They’ve since added multiple citizen & employee service modules, and most recently, moved their enterprise solution to the cloud.

DE | Town | 20K-50K

Middletown implemented public sector software from Edmunds GovTech after outgrowing their previous software. Edmunds’ software was easy to use and helped to streamline their processes and increase productivity.

PA | Township | 20K-50K

Buckingham Township’s operations evolved from manual coordination and entry to automated functionality. Not only can they enter, upload, and reference information in an easy and seamless manner, they are more efficient because of it.

NJ | Authority | 50K-100K

Since implementing their integrated enterprise solution, BTMUA experienced greater operational efficiency, real-time management reporting, and has significantly improved the level of customer serviceprovided to their ratepayers.